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If you had asked me in mid-2011 what I imagine my future to look like – “Entrepreneur” would not have been on the list. In fact I didn’t even know what an entrepreneur was. Now I find myself being co-founder of two companies – and I cannot think of doing anything else.

Aletheio – Be who you are
With Aletheio we are building an automated platform that provides continuous online personality- and life-coaching for the masses. We unlock human potential by inspiring and empowering people to live their purpose. We want to help people to find out what drives them and aid to act upon their strengths.


SternenGalerie – Dein Moment. Dein Feuerwerk.
SternenGalerie is our first Business which we launched only in August 2011. We create beautiful fireworks for private events like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries as well as business events of any scale.  The Sternengalerie is currently represented in 12 major cities across Germany and aiming to become the a leading force for beautiful and amazing fireworks.


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