Jungmut, Jasim and Judiciary Stuff

Jumping for Joy

Jumping for Joy

We’ve got some updates from the SternenGalerie that I am feeling compelled to rant about. Things are heading very good directions and it’s past midnight. So what the heck: Here is what’s happened in the past few weeks:



First of all there’s the boys and girls at Jungmut. Jung-who? Jungmut is a striving young marketing agency located in the heart of Cologne. As it happens, we actually met Stephan, one of the founders, a year ago because he shared his apprenticeship with Dennie’s wife. As Entrepreneurs go, Stephan has another company going for him, which is why he too is currently visiting Silicon Valley. Where he’ll team up with Simon. Yes, the world is a village! Back in June after some initial talks about our plans for the future, we quickly realized how working with Jungmut would just be an awesome fit on both ends. Stephan, his co-founder Tim and his team are nothing less than a bundle of creative geniuses who have worked on Justin Bieber’s and Dita von Teese’s Scents as well as done work for UNICEF.


JM Workshop in September

Five weeks ago we held the first creativity-workshop in their offices in Cologne where Robert, Rüdi and me got to meet the whole team. It was amazing to see such a bunch of people brainstorming the shit about cool new marketing strategies for SternenGalerie. I am really looking forward to see the what they will come up with and I’m certain that we’ll see a number of pretty big changes soon.

J. Beg Sales Hero

J. Beg – Sales Hero

Next, there’s this guy! I am really proud to introduce Jasim Beg as our new Head of Sales. Jasim has an incredible background in Sales as well as the Gastro-industry which makes him a perfect match for the SternenGalerie. He made a name for himself back in the 90’s selling the first PC games in Germany for companies like Ubisoft (when they were still a small nerd-company). After a four-year-intermezzo in the mid 2000s, hosting his own Café and Bar and having seen most of the corporate world – he decided to join a young company that does business differently and thinks out of the box. Also, he is a certified badass in Fifa 2013.

From a founders perspective the hiring process was quite an interesting one. I think it’s fair to say that by now I have held more Job interviews than I was ever invited to. Once again a task that I felt a bit strange and unsure about. Here is how we did our assessments: Robert and I held all talks in person. Then, after each talk both of us took some time for reflection and – apart from notes and what they said during the interview – scored every candidate on our personal awesome-o-meter. Basically a number between 0 and 100 that each of us came up with to indicate our gut feeling towards the interviewee. We wanted to keep our ratio aligned with our personal feelings because we know chemistry is crucial when you’re hiring in a small startup company.

After our Interview with Jasim, the awesome-o-meter unanimously bursted “90” for the first time in all interviews. We knew we were on to something and quickly shoved him on Skype with Simon the next day. From there on it was clear on all sides that we would indeed be a pretty awesome match. We grew the desk space in our office which now holds place for five people. Good thing Simon is still in the US – after that it will get cramped.

More space

More space

Then, on the judiciary side – we will register the SternenGalerie GmbH tomorrow. Yay! This may just be a technicality but it is another solid milestone on the way to building a stronger foundation for the future. Since we are raising money and will be working with a lot more business partners now, this is just the right way to go.

Stay tuned!

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