We moved Office – Sort of…

New Address

New Office.

Before I get to to actual matter of this post, let me just say: The Boys are back in Town! The Silicon Valley trip has been a great success in terms of networking, coaching and getting to know the local vibe of the worlds biggest tech-scene. We see it pretty clear that we will be back there soon, but until then we still have some milestones ahead of us. There will be a more detailed summary of the trip here sometime 🙂

Until then – Good news: We decided to move our office (at least for a while). We went a little further south and stranded on Tenerife, a small island westside Africa’s coast. And at first it seemed like a blunt idea – It’s way more expensive than our office in Hamburg, the wifi is crap and there isn’t a single Startup, co-working office or VC within a few thousand miles. Maybe not the best circumstances for a tech-startup. On the flipside however, we have an amazing landscape everywhere around us, can chose between 29 or 31°C pool-temperature, go to the gym, have full catering included and – oh yeah – one of Europe’s biggest Waterparks around the corner. So basically it’s like working for Google – on an island! Due to the additional cost it’s not yet the no.1 choice for a bootstrapped company, but surely we all appreciate working in an environment like this.

Also the view is much nicer.

Also the view is much nicer.

Plans to improve the local infrastructure have already been made – And more importantly, we started planning our own waterpark – this will be another startup, sometime in the future 🙂

Coming back soon...

Coming back soon…

About StartupPanda

I launched my first Startup in 2011, the second one in 2012. Ever since I have been traveling on one epic journey with my two closest friends & Co-Founders. Every now and then I like to share my views of the world and tell a little story about my life as an Entrepreneur. Why a Panda? Because whatever you do - take life like a Panda and you will get it right!
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