My First Keynote!

Gotta Go There!

Gotta Go There!

I’ll be holding my first presentation soon! Awesome! – Tweet This!

Though I was actually looking for opportunities for my fellow co-founders to speak in San Francisco next month, I stumbled over our very own Lean Startup group here in Hamburg. Decided to send them a quick email, what the heck – let’s share some of that stuff I’ve learned about customer development in the past weeks and months. Then – While I was typing I realized it’s quite a lot. And it’s a great opportunity to get some spotlight on our startup here in the local scene.

The talk will be about what it’s like to do customer development from another continent. Because for us Steve Blank’s “Get out of the building” means “Book a transatlantic flight“. So what ways are there for customer development when you can’t get out of the building? What questions and methods work in customer development and what lead to horrible pain and endless nights of crying?

Lean Startup HH

Lean Startup HH

If you fancy me sharing stuff from my crazy-brain, come to the Xing HQ in Hamburg on August 26th. Now go and mark your calendar! It’s free entry, good networking opportunities and usually a lot of beer too 🙂

Wanna sign up? Here’s the link

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I launched my first Startup in 2011, the second one in 2012. Ever since I have been traveling on one epic journey with my two closest friends & Co-Founders. Every now and then I like to share my views of the world and tell a little story about my life as an Entrepreneur. Why a Panda? Because whatever you do - take life like a Panda and you will get it right!
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