Chat with Rob Fitzpatrick

Gotta love that beard!

Gotta love that beard!

…also, the Internet is awesome!

Really, have you ever thought about it? It just is. I tend to forget that, but today I remembered again why! It’s really just people making stuff together and working on awesome ideas. Sometimes they turn into great websites, collaborations and team-work and sometimes they just turn into a Dinosaur riding a Shark whilst firing an uzi and holding a lit-up pack of dynamite (which is the most awesome thing ever!).

A few weeks ago I posted a video of Rob Fitzpatrick giving an awesome talk on Customer Development at HackFWD. Even-tough I couldn’t grasp all the aspects it strongly resonated with me. I kept looking for more stuff from him and found another pretty good talk on the Pioneers Festival. Today whilst doing more research I decided to buy his book and annoy him on Twitter to ask for more resources. My interview-questions still need way more tinkering and I was desperate for proper input. So why not write a tweet. It’s probably gonna go down in Twitter-nirvana but who knows. And then – Feedback. Indeed I got an answer from him – And instead of kindly sending me a link, he asked me to get my ass on Skype to talk about the questions right away. How cool is that?

What the Internet is like

What the Internet is like

We talked way over an hour on my current interview-questions, lots of ways to improve inquiries and how to be seriously obnoxious. I got a ton of great new input and where else to look for potential customers. It was private mentoring in a way. I hope I can get the most out of it. I’ll definitely keep in touch. Thanks Rob 🙂

What does that have to do with the Internet? Well, I realize that the the people building it are simply very cool guys. When we started out with our Idea, we got to sit down for lunch with Christian Springub, founder of Jimdo. And only last week Dennie chatted with the CTO of 37 Signals to find out about their usage of Data-flow-diagrams. I find it unimaginable to see that happening anywhere with companies from the ‘Old Economy’. Imagine The Head of Development from Audi to chat for an hour with some dude he’s never met about processes in his very small startup-company. Unthinkable.

Gotta love the Internet.

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