Setting Goals

Yeah, bitch!

Yeah, bitch!

Since we implemented a much better structure and processes to our company, Robert actually started to apply the same technique to his personal life. Robert has always been the structure nerd and I have always had some sort of aversion against ‘planning my life’. You just don’t stick to it and render yourself an idiot by trying failing. However, I cannot deny what immense benefits the company has gained and so, tonight, I decided to follow along and think about my goals.

First off, I wanted to write some things down for my personal life. We are running 2 extremely early stage companies that need a lot of effort to have them sustain their own business. That requires a lot of work, but I feel that I need to start looking after myself a bit. In the times of the Accelerator application we definitely cracked the 110-hour week and personal matters came last. So work against that here are my first few Goals I want to get back some life-quality that I left somewhere down the road.


Get a life!

Personal goals:

  • Pick up dancing once a week
  • Try out new phototechniques and experiment with new ways
  • Work out 3 times a week 
  • Spend quality time with my Family and people I care about

Dancing: I used to be a tournament dancer. However – right now – training four times a week and going to competitions on weekends doesn’t seem adequate to what my work-life goals are. I still want to flounder my body, so finding a club to go to once a week should be really cool. 

Photography: I want to learn how to do astrophotography and maybe put together a short clip of a timelapse. My 7D should do the Job, so I need to take a few nights to focus on that. Right now I am sucking up every piece of youtube video from Neil DeGrasse Tyson that I can find. Astrophotography is a cool way to combine my awe of science and love of photography.

Work out: I want to work out at least 3 times a week. We are already doing pretty good at it, but I am still a bit lazy when it comes to working out. I would rarely get my ass in gear if I had to do it alone, so I am glad the three of us mostly go together.

Family: And finally I realize that I have been a bit sloppy spending time with my family. Technology gives us great ways to keep in touch, but every now and then a little meeting in persona can’t harm.

Got that! Now…

On the site of self-employment I realized that there is A LOOOOOT of room for improvement on my site. I have never fully finished a study or worked long term in a company or on a project like this, so I am learning on the fly. And in terms of productivity I didn’t learn much about it doing films. So here are my…

Professional Goals:

  • Set goals and get things done by structuring tasks
  • Get more feedback on my work
  • Educate myself about topics of value for the company
  • Actively fight my fears of impossible tasks
  • Keep my desk and work environment clean.

Set goals: Turns out: Structure helps Big Time! Be it planing something, doing something, selling something, talking to someone… It just helps. From now on I want to start every work-task by setting a desired outcome and taking 10 minutes to take a look at how I will actually start doing this stuff. Opposed to what I wrote a few weeks ago starting to do things is great – but if your daily grind is a mess, then you will not achieve anything.

Feedback: I love negative feedback on my work. And the previous sentence is a lie! I hate it. It stings. The problem is, I am sometimes so afraid of negative feedback, that I avoid getting it at all. I have always been on my best when I had people telling me that my work needed improvement and I got back on it. So feedback is just at the core of improvement and I will define it as one of my goals on EVERY task i take from now on.

Learning: We have had this talk for ages and I have still not really acted upon it. To stay innovative it is absolutely vital to broaden your horizon – and I don’t have the feeling that I am learning much in the sense of broadening anything in my head these days… Luckily, I managed to get hold of a copy of a book that I am both extremely interested in AND can bring value to the company. It’s “Authenticity“, by James Gilmore and Joseph Pine. I need to keep my eyes open for stuff like that.

Anxieties: I have gotten better at identifying the situations in which I let my own fear guide me away from a problem, however I still fail to act against it in these situations. What CBT calls “exposure therapy” might help. It basically means telling yourself: You lazy, frightened fuck, Get your shit together and just do it!!! Also, the structuring part will help here.

Environment: I realize more and more how important this is to keep me focused. I usually have a lot of shit lying on my desk and it just KEEPS DISTRACTING ME. I cleaned up a little tonight, so hopefully I can keep it that way.

Don't touch it or it will go wrong

Don’t touch it or it will go wrong!

To wrap it up, I hope writing down these things will help me to live my day with more focus and determination to both work and free time. 

What are your goals? How do you keep your focus on the really important things in life? Feel free to share your methods with me, I’d be happy to find out!

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I launched my first Startup in 2011, the second one in 2012. Ever since I have been traveling on one epic journey with my two closest friends & Co-Founders. Every now and then I like to share my views of the world and tell a little story about my life as an Entrepreneur. Why a Panda? Because whatever you do - take life like a Panda and you will get it right!
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  1. Dan says:

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    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote and Google Calendar, and also comes with mobile version, and Android and iPhone apps.

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